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Connect with Australia Awards on Social Media

Posted: 8 August 2022

Scholar's Platform,

Engage with Australia Awards on social media during and after your Australia Awards Scholarship or Short Course.

You are encouraged to post on social media about your time in Australia, your love of the country, your study and professional development opportunities, and your ongoing connections to Australia. Promoting your Australia Awards experience can be beneficial to both your career and the Australian Government.

Benefits to you

Through engaging with Australia Awards on social media and posting about your experiences, you are associating to a highly prestigious, well-regarded brand.

Promoting your professional achievements can help build your professional profile. If you are looking to position yourself for new professional development opportunities or employment pathways, effective professional use of social media can help employers can understand more about you beyond your resume. Using social media for professional profiling can also help establish you as a thought leader.

If you are worried about using social media for both personal and professional use, you could choose a specific channel for professional use (say for example, LinkedIn and/or Twitter) and a specific channel for personal use (say for example, Facebook).

Benefits to the Australian Government

Australia Awards recipients, alumni, supporters and other stakeholders are considered highly credible voices on social media for the Australia Awards brand. These voices on social media create authentic digital engagement and attention towards Australia Awards and the Australian Government’s profile.

  • Connect with (follow or like) Australia Awards across social media channels
  • Always use #AustraliaAwards so that your posts can be found
  • Include an interesting, concise message with no jargon or acronyms
  • Use an effective, attention-grabbing image, graphic, video OR include a link to follow. 
  • Consider messaging that is in the best interests of Australia and your country
  • If you are really keen, prepare a set of pre-written messages before the event or activity. Messages can then be tailored and photos can be added before posting
  • Don’t use the Australia Awards logo or the Australian Government’s logo without seeking permission from Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia team
  • Don’t attempt to represent the Australian Government or Australia Awards; remember you are a recipient of support.
  • Don’t criticize Australia Awards, Australia or your country
Australia Awards on social media
LinkedIn: Follow Australia Global Alumni and share content by tagging @AustraliaGlobalAlumni. LinkedIn is a great social media option for professional profiling. Remember to use a professional tone in your messages.
Twitter:  Follow @AustraliaAwards and @AusGlobalAlumni and tag these handles in tweets where relevant. Use the hashtag #AustraliaAwards. Pictures can double your reach, so use them! Remember to keep the posts concise.
Facebook: Like the @AustraliaAward (Australia Awards) Facebook page, and share content by tagging @AustraliaAward in relevant posts. Include quality photos or videos of your experience.
Instagram: Follow @australiaawards on Instagram. Photos with striking colours and energy are popular with the Australia Awards target audience. Remember to tag @AustraliaAwards or use the hashtag #AustraliaAwards.

There are Australian Government diplomatic representatives as well as Embassies / High Commissions in your country who are interested in your Australia Awards experience. Find relevant social media channels here and include them in your social media where relevant.