Living in Australia

Studying in Australia is a fantastic way to develop and grow, and discover new opportunities. By studying in Australia, you are gaining insight into Australian culture while completing studies that will enhance your career and create a lifelong partnership with Australia, Australians and other international students.

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Engage with Australia Awards on Social media

You are encouraged to engage with Australia Awards on social media and post about your time in Australia

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Shahnaaz's story

Shahnaaz Ansari, the first Muslim female civil engineer from Nepal, is gaining skills to support equitable water access in her country

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Insider guides for your city

Insider Guides contain great tips and information about studying and living in Australia

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Australia’s first peoples and cultures

Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. Immerse yourself in experiences, places and journeys

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Gender equality, disability and social inclusion

Australia Awards promotes equity and broad participation by all groups in society

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Making Connections

While in Australia, make the most of opportunities to network and engage with Australian institutions, organisations and businesses. Professional networking can help enrich your studies, help you progress in your career, and help you make a difference in your home country.

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Returning Home

As your Scholarship draws to a close, you will be thinking about your return to your home country. There’s a lot to consider on both personal and professional levels. You will receive support from Australia Awards regarding the professional aspects of your return home.

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Staying connected

Your Australia Awards experience will open up new connections with Australia. Stay connected on LinkedIn with Australia Global Alumni

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Australia Global Alumni

Share stories, build professional networks and celebrate successes with the Australia Global Alumni website

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