Professional Development Modules

Online training modules for essential skills 

Australia Awards – South and West Asia is committed to providing opportunities that allow scholars to have positive, educational and engaging experiences in Australia, creating valuable personal and professional connections.

As part of this commitment, we offer Australia Awards scholars from South and West Asia access to a series of online professional development training modules facilitated by FRANK. FRANK is an education organisation that delivers real-world, essential skills training for students and young professionals in a way that is both educational and entertaining. The FRANK team works with more than 13 universities in delivering customised and scalable online video training.

Scholars from the region will receive an email with a link to register their interest in accessing the modules. After registering your interest, you will receive communication from the FRANK team email confirming your registration, and instructions to access the online modules.

Once you have registered, new modules will become accessible to you on the FRANK training page as they are launched.

If you are an Australia Awards scholar from South and West Asia and have not received this email, you can write to

This page will be updated as new modules get launched

The Professional Linkages and Networking module explains the professional skills you need to develop future career success. You will learn about key skills in communication, impression management and networking. This online training will show you how to create an effective elevator pitch for networking events such as conferences. You will also receive training in the use of LinkedIn, including an overview of the foundations of creating a professional profile.

The Team Leadership and Cultural Intelligence module focuses on demonstrating how to communicate and work with a culturally diverse team. You will learn to analyse your own career for future success, clarify your professional direction, and identify your skills and strengths. The online training will also help you build team leadership skills and identify how best you can work in today’s global and diverse teams.

The Success in a COVID World module prepares you for the changes, trends and opportunities in a world dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The module introduces key skills needed for partnership building and stakeholder management, and showcases how to identify, prioritise and communicate with key partners for projects and other endeavours. The online training will also demonstrate how and where to access support and mentoring to help you build your professional career.

Scholar experiences

Rizwana Qazi, a scholar from Pakistan, completed the first online module on Professional Linkages and Networking. She says that she liked it because it is “designed to be comprehensive, yet the videos are short and quick,” which helped to keep her interested throughout the training.

Rizwana is undertaking a Master of Public Policy at Australian National University in Canberra. She completed the online training while she was at home and unable to be on campus during the COVID-19 lockdown in her area. She was distressed due to the physical distancing rules, and the idea of developing skills in building professional linkages and networking online got her interested in attending. She says that it gave her “the motivation and energy to be connected and socially alive again”.

“There are several things I learned from the module,” Rizwana explains. “The way the facilitator speaks is engaging and interesting, and I learned how people can create a place for themselves in different structures when they want to work and have dreams to achieve.”

She is interested in online learning and thinks it is a great way to make learning more accessible, particularly during an emergency situation such as that caused by COVID-19. Rizwana says that “often we do not have the opportunity or resources to be physically present, so this is a wonderful alternative learning mechanism”. She believes that it has the potential to become an even more significant method of learning during the current global pandemic.

Rizwana Qazi, Australia Awards scholar from Pakistan

Another scholar, Saif Mohammad Moinul Islam from Bangladesh, is nearing the end of his study at the University of Sydney. Upon his return home, to translate his specific development impact plan into action, Saif plans to establish and maintain relationships and networks with a number of key stakeholders in Bangladesh and globally. He says that the first online module was “very useful in introducing me to the concepts, processes and intricacies of professional networking”.

“I was intrigued by how the module concentrated on building a better and more professional image of the self and how a lot of it was around effective communications, which is indispensable to building a strong and durable professional network,” says Saif.

He appreciated that the module was “short, quick and insightful”, that it “drew on real-life examples” and “focused on the most essential concepts related to professional networking, as well as some practical useful tools”. Saif also says that “the most important thing I learned was the professional use of Linkedin as a powerful networking tool”.

Saif Mohammad Moinul Islam, Australia Awards scholar from Bangladesh

Saira Ayub also completed the first online professional development module. She is a scholar from Pakistan and is studying at Flinders University in South Australia.

Saira, who is completing a Master of Education, says that she wanted to do the online training because “it is beneficial to establish mutual connections and associations with people” in her profession. She found that, from beginning to end, the instructor in the modules explained the importance and process of networking through concise but information-rich videos.

“The online module helped me understand the requirements of an Australian workplace and strategies on how to introduce oneself in a good way,” explains Saira. “I learned the importance of self-image and self-confidence for success.”

Saira thinks that online learning is better in certain circumstances due to the flexibility it provides. “It saves me from tensions about the weather and travelling,” explains Saira, who uses a wheelchair. “At home,” she says, “I can easily focus on learning,” adding that she would like to learn more skills online.

Saira Ayub, Australia Awards scholar from Pakistan