Living in Australia

Welcome to Australia, a country of opportunity

Studying in Australia is a fantastic way to develop and grow, and discover new opportunities. By studying in Australia, you are gaining insight into Australian culture while completing studies that will enhance your career and create a lifelong partnership with Australia, Australians and other international students.

To learn more about your new city or state, we recommend that you check out the great resources available from Insider Guides. They are full of content sourced from both local and international students covering all that you need to know about studying and living in Australia.

During your time in Australia, your main contact will be your institution’s Student Contact Officer (SCO). They will provide academic and pastoral support. If you are experiencing any issues regarding your study, visa, accommodation or other matters, you should contact your SCO to seek advice.

You will receive communications from the team at Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia regarding upcoming activities, updates, and external professional development and networking opportunities that may be of interest to you. You will also be sent updated about the Program through our quarterly Impact newsletter. You can share your own story at any time via email and you may end up being featured on our website.

Opportunities when you first arrive

Introductory Academic Program

As an Australia Awards scholar, you will participate in a compulsory Introductory Academic Program (IAP) before your main course of study begins. The IAP will be provided by your university or institution and is very important in preparing you to succeed in your studies. The IAP provides you with important information that covers Australian education standards; research and study skills; academic writing, referencing and plagiarism; accommodation; living; local laws; and support services provided by your institution.


Orientation week (O-Week) is a university-wide celebration for all students who are beginning their studies. O-Week activities typically include social and sporting opportunities; study and support sessions; and events to help you become familiar with your new campus, meet people and prepare for study.

Gender equality, disability and social inclusion

Promoting equity and broad participation by all groups in society

The Australian Government seeks equity and broad participation by all groups in society. This includes women, people with disability and people from traditionally-marginalised groups.

Australia Awards is committed to ensuring equal access to opportunities, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, minority group status or disability. Australia Awards and universities offer a range of support to remove different barriers to fair participation and create a level starting point for scholars.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing while studying in Australia

Having good mental health means being able to work and study to our full potential, cope with life’s day-to-day challenges, and live our lives in a free and satisfying way. Good mental health is just as important as good physical health.

Moving to Australia, settling into a new country and commencing studies may present challenges. It’s important to know how this may affect you, how you can help maintain good mental health and what to do if you need extra help.

Mental Health and Well-being Factsheet

Insider guides for your city

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Australia’s first peoples and cultures

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Gender equality, disability and social inclusion

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